Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by SolarPanelCleaning, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Turned the ro off last night, in the garden and noticed maybe 30 snails all over the water butts. Like a snail rave.

  2. cheapncheerful


    Jan 31, 2014
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    take a walk down my garden path at night and all I get is crunch crunch crunch...

    pick anything up thats upside down and its full of em...

    of course cheapie very nice to slugs snails and wasps.:rolleyes:..honest..well its a very quick death..

    came to the back of my big flats yesterday to find a jungle had grown all across the back gates...fighting through it in my shorts I was looking down for the stinging nettles....and of course the barstewards got my arms...

    now on the slightly wet york stone flags the owner has nicely put on the back and cheapie being a solo operator...out comes his secret weapon..

    a weed burner...yep I burn two spots dry where my ladder goes....

    and so...cheapie sought his revenge for being stung and went out of the gate and burnt the barstewards...

    yes it wasted my gas and my time but ..revenge is sweet..:D

    in the rain at the front out comes my wfp equipment...

    yeh not so good a day really. as the top clamp has come undone and cheapies brush head just wobbled around like a mad un.

    and three stories is way high, all I can say is its a good job the professional wfpers with the proper poles werent there..

    they would have liked cheapie turning his weed burner onto his banana pole because one section was glued together and he forgot he needed all the sections to clean these fronts..

    the burner didnt really soften the glue but scraping away with my car keys did save the day..

    oh I must do more maintenance..

    still not glued the clamp and off to do another three stories flats laters..

    well it was a tad wet yesterday..

    and I HOPE no one saw cheapie kick the :turd: out of some stupid ground hugging plant that managed to catch his hose ..

    well it was a bad day and I was wet and banana had let me down so okay I lost it..

    well I did kick all the leaves casually back under the plant..:whistle:
  3. Alien Human


    Mar 15, 2015
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    Cheapie you have to write a book mate - can be a decent earner for a retirement fund.

    Talking of insects. I must admit that the fierce determination of spiders trying to get back up to their 'nest' not the word.....web after they've been knocked down WFP is inspiring stuff.

    I know jack poop about wildlife but presume their trying to get back to their unborn wee spider people.

    I have got this story going on in my head that they are laying down their life for their nippers......and wont let no massive ******* giant with a pole stop em.....
  4. Jacob

    Jacob Guest

    Put some salt on them watch them slowly die and turn into gel :D yes i was very bored that day
  5. cheapncheerful


    Jan 31, 2014
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    yep alien your right about how determined they can be...

    and fascinating to see how even if you throw them off thirty foot up they still manage to get a web on something to survive..

    was watching one swinging along hanging off my brush head yesterday..

    after wards on my check some of the buggers were still on there way back...

    but bloomin hate it when on my final polish I get one under my microfibre and it smears right across the glass.

    I ER....may swear a bit....
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