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Tap is 310 ppm ish and the RO is currently 9.8ppm. Is that ok?
Basically your RO is removing just under 97% of the dissolved solids. So that's not too bad at all. I am guessing it's a fairly small RO?
With a booster you might get a slightly better % removed but only 1 maybe even 1.5% but you could probably reduce your waste % a bit to 60 waste to 40 pure or 55 waste to 45 pure as long as you flush the membrane regularly.


Help! Finding some windows clean beautifully but then on the same house some dry with water marks.
Some glass, water cascades down really well but the others seems to stick. Tried rinsing on and off.....

What am I doing wrong? I tend to have the pump down near minimum to economise on water, house with 15 average windows + french doors uses about half a 25ltr drum.

The water tester shows 0.01 which is the same as when I first started using the kit.

Sending me batty lol.
I had something very similar on a front window one Payne and i had observed the gap between the small top 2 openers was running water back down and drying with spot, i also noticed that a section of the larger bottom payne in the middle was really hydrophobic. when i first did the windows he said it did it everytime his last window cleaner had been, i tend to do the front windows first then go back windows while it drys then check before i leave its getting less and less noticeable the more i clean it but i just wipe off with glass cloth and all is good
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