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Greenock, Scotland
Yeah I bought a couple of ninjas and hated them, I thought they were terrible, just a bad gimmick, I just don't see the design improvement with this squeegee, the standard Unger is better by far.

1. The standard swivel head unbolts with a thumb screw, you have to carry around a 20p piece for the ninja.

2. The ninja apparently stops metal end clips scratching frames with there new clunky end clips, you don't need end clips with the standard squeegee, as it has teeth that holds the rubber in the middle.

3. The ninja squeegee, has two positions for there channel, 30 degree and 0 degree, you just have to remove the rubber every time, then feed it back through then lock the end clips again. Just carry two squeegees, a 30 degree standard and a 0 degree standard, feck all that fumbling about, time is money Unger.

Plus the end clips come loose every now and then, and when you have the rubber on the 0 degree setting it flops around and just does a terrible job when cutting into the water because of this, it kind of flops down to a 30 degree angle and you have to press it against the glass before you actually have a 0 degree angle.

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