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Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by jaywig, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. jaywig

    jaywig Guest


    I'm tired of my office job so I'm looking at dropping down to part time hours and building up a window cleaning round. I'll be doing the cleaning using WFP and will do windows, conservatory roofs and gutters.

    As I'm going to be building up the round from scratch I know it's going to take a lot of hard work and perseverance. I have worked for other window cleaners in the past so have a good idea on the work involved.

    I was intending on starting up at the end of winter / beginning of spring next year but have been chatting to a friend who is a window cleaner and he thinks I should start canvassing now.

    What do you think? Should I start now and work hard through the winter or wait until winter is out of the way and start next Spring?
  2. nearlyclean


    Dec 20, 2010
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    no time like the present.Find that people that want their windows cleaned during winter will normally stick with you,while those you get during the summer may drop off in the winter.If you can get though the winter youll find the summer months easy
  3. MPooley

    MPooley Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    I agree. Start canvassing like mad and you'll appreciate the work you've already put in by spring :)
  4. Canvas, put leafllets out if you have a van and can afford it get it sign written, take out a free ad in your local yellow pages and on Build a basicc website and start looking at window cleaning software this is all stuff that you will have to do sooner or later so best getting started now.
  5. jaywig

    jaywig Guest

    Thank you all for your advice, I suppose I'd better get cracking then!!
  6. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Hit the ground running. Be enthusiastic about getting work.
    Simple flyers do the trick. Do not worry particularly about sign-writing a van, it's not a necessity imo.
  7. I disagree i get 6 or 7 new jobs every week from people who have seen the sign writing on my van my van. After the intial outlay its vey effective marketing you will make back the outlay in less than a month.
  8. Ken

    Ken Guest

    I disagree. :|
    At this early stage of his window cleaning company, when, let's be honest, his chances of giving up, or not succeeding are higher than they ever will be. The investment on paying for the sign to be written and the insurance increase for this improvement is not a clear stable one.
    When winter is coming why invest more money than what is required, UNLESS ofcourse there are statistics that prove a signed van will be cost effective for canvassing amounts of work to run a business on.
    When there are more important things for him to spend his money on at this stage in his business I'd not go spending it on signage.
    TWO days ago he was debating wether to start business now or next year and you have him putting £100-200 on van signs. He'll have to create a business name to trade as, design a logo, have the sign designed and spend the money on having it put on, and his business hasn't got its first job. There are much better, wider, and proven ways for marketing, and area specific.
  9. Absolute nonsense, He either want to start a business or not there is no grey area all in or all out. Sign writing £100 max. from, my vans are packed with sign writing £99 per van. Ask anyone with sign writing on there van if its effective. ask yourself the question why so many vans are sign written if its not a clear and effective way of gaining business and it a total myth that it affects your insurance, I've checked. Average 6 jobs a week without having to deliver one leaflet or chap one door you do the math, its a no brainer. As for creating a business name and logo its hardly rocker science :)

    In this business you have to think how much you value your time work smart not hard as i have said i get six jobs on average per week for doing nothing. If i am out delivering leaflets to get 6 jobs i probably have to deliver 600+ leaflets thats at least three hours of my time at a cost of £35 an hour = £105 add to this figure The cost of the leaflets if you are printing your self your talking £10 for paper and £20 for ink. total cost £135 Once they have ran out you have the whole expense again. as with canvassing your talking around 5 hours worth at a cost of £160 where as with sign writing it permanent and when you add in the hassle factor of walking around chapping doors or delivering how can you tell me it not worth it. I'm not saying don't deliver leaflets or canvass but sign writing is top priority. ken i reckon your business model may be flawed. Is your van sign written.
  10. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Theres no getting through.
    Not sign-writing the van = Flawed business model? No.
    A business model cannot be flawed on that, do not try to put me down. I said i disagree, you say "absolute nonsense" like the boss.
    No, brains. It might not be "rocker science", to make a logo and sign write a van, but it's a lot when you don't know which route your window cleaning may go.
    He could be driving his van round all day past people and houses with clean windows, whereas he can look in estates without clean windows and canvas...
    Last week, 20 minutes I spent on one street I noticed had mucky windows, 25houses(+/-).
    Picked up one house there and then, £12.50 pm (it didnt take me 20minutes to put leaflets through doors, it took that long because I was talking to a new customer).
    I did the math, I know that regardless of wether my vans sat on my drive or on the street, that with leaflets in peoples houses, I've reached my prospective customers.
    And as regards how much I value my time in this business; I can't clean windows in particularly bad weather at times, and I don't see me at work in the evenings, so my time in these circumstances isn't worth much money to me, so I do not see me wasting money with my time, in the middle of my day, my time is worth money, when I don't, won't or can't work, my time isn't.
    My van is being sign-written this month actually, but may I ask, how much money, or time do you waste sleeping at ***ht? :)