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The world is your oyster...


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I can't help but love how cheesy I am.

I say cheesy, but I do try.

I keep walking into places; shops, restaurants, whatever.

And I always seem to end up talking to someone about their windows and leaving a card, and most times leaving a quote and having a lovely chat with the owner.

I keep getting bigger and bigger jobs, higher paid and more often.

It really pays off to stick at it.

For motivation I keep pics of things I want or need with me at work and this drives me on.

This next year ideally I'd like to move house, go on holiday and change my van... I doubt I'll get all three but you need them in front of you to push you that extra mile.



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South Wingfield
i started part time in august and full time in november. It just feels like a corner is being turned...every week 3, 4 or 5 new customers....getting lots of big jobs.....getting quite a few 20.quid plus customers (even got a 57 quid customer last week!...well chuffed). Somebody on here once said that every new customer is like a pay rise. Its very true. I was in the civil service for 28 years. For the last 4, my pay had been frozen. Now my destiny is in my own hands and i like it. I am slower than most window cleaners, but ensure the job is top quality. All my customers seem to really appreciate that and word is spreading.....its a good line of business to be in. Just keep believing and dont accept or even ponder failure!!



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The only motto I've had is...

'There's no such thing as failure, only feedback'

This keeps me going and keeps driving me to success


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