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Thinking of price increase and Torrents of rain


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Pick up a new customer today on my regular round.had two houses to do before I reached hers and about 70 L left so thought even if there really dirty got enough to clean her house and maybe one more after finish the rest of the street tomorrow as I had something else to do early afternoon.

Look like they had been cleaned for 2 years and set about cleaning the tops and moved on to bottoms,couldn't believe the amount of soap on the windows as I scrub away.As I was about to start my second fly over the clouds opened up and it was coming out of the sky faster than it was coming out of the brush:D gave it five but didn't look like letting up so carried on and finished the clean.Got paid and booked in for next month I think she was glad to find a cleaner :) minutes before she approached me I was thinking of putting a pound on the price of any new houses I pick up in that street :) Had enough water to do a couple more houses

So even on a wet day you can pick up customers



Our new service cleaning shops window...
rain is hard condition to clean the windows ,but sun and wind combination is the worst I guess.



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Lol the rain always makes us wonder why but having the freedom and when the sun comes out is why we all love it.

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