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Using ecover help


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I will be starting out within 2 months i will have a van with a trolley i will carry several containers around with me.... everything is in place but am a bit confused with the Ecover that people use

Could i mix the ecover with my water ? or will ti damage the pole and system ?

I was thinking of just making a e cover mix 1/5 ratio and then just dip my brush in to that...

also i would have to clean the brush everytime after i use ecover with it because it damages the brush right ?

I will only be using ecover for REALLY dirty upvcs and conservatories etc

i will be using pure water only for normal standard windows /emoticons/smile.png



Staff member
If your using wfp then you only need the pure water. If window are really dirty you could squirt some Ecover on your brush. This is what I do. I tend to use the Ecover cream cleaner more than the washing liquid though.

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