Water Tank, Hose Reel, Pole Etc.

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning Equipment For Sale/Wanted' started by Duxbury, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Duxbury

    Duxbury Member

    Jan 25, 2013
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    Description of item:
    Am at the begining of setting up a WFP system for myself, all I have so far is a DI vessel and pump flow controller, so all the other components im still shopping for. Im particularly looking for a 60-100m microbore hose reel, 400litre upright baffled tank (will consider other size and shapes) and a Gardiner CLX or SLX 20-30ft. Good prices paid for decent second hand or new equipment.

    Please message me.


    Price: £ WYG (What You Got)


    Post replies are turned off in this area, if you are interested in my item please contact me via PM (Private Message)