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Well I never!

Matty H

Here's something you don't see much in today's "climate" lol

Cleaned a custies house today - charge her £15 and she paid as usual and asked me at the end if my prices were going up in April. I said no - she replied oh put mine up to £20 as you do a great job and fuel keeps rising.

That's the first time I've ever had that /emoticons/biggrin.png



Well-known member
^I'll gladly accept this customer if you do not want to clean her windows anymore, put me down on the list.

I get a tip now every month or so from a different customer, it's nice they notice that I work hard and am not putting all the prices up.



Love customers like this but have to say dont have many, one of my customers I would happily slap her round the head right now!!



Active member
Nice to know that we still have people like that about!... I often get tips. To be honest I do ass-lick abit lol... It is in me from when I was a posty and a bin man!!!... I would be nice a polite all year, always shut a gate behind me or put the bin back where they wanted it etc and at xmas most would always give me a few quid. People like to know their Window Cleaner I'm sure?... I find that trust is a key issue for people!!!... It is all about a reliable customer service!!!.... If the lady wanted to give you more money. Then it means she thinks your worth every penny... Which means your a good, reliable Window Cleaner... Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!



hi ya ;)i clean a few big country houses, one in particuler is £30 the lady bought me out tea and cakes and said you have been reguler and reliable then said i am going to give you £10 extra from now on :cool:..........pete

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