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Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Cleaning' started by kris122, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. kris122

    kris122 Guest

    Sorry for the naivety but do you use any detergent or soap in wfp systems or it is just brush and water. Again apologies if this is a silly question.
  2. ricoclay

    ricoclay Guest

    Just water mate.........just make sure it is pure water and not the stuff that comes out of your tap
  3. Hey, its a valid question if you dont know how it works. Heres a quick breakdown for ya.

    Pure Water is water in its purest form (no minerals, salts, heavy metals etc) just H20.

    Water is designed to be full of the above, this is when it is, it is at its happiest. So when you take all that out the water molecules want to revert back to having stuff in them again.

    So when you apply the water with a brush to the glass you are introducing the dirt particles back into the water and it draws them in and keeps the dirt in the water droplets.

    Once you have scrubbed the window, you then rinse it down with pure water, this makes all the water with dirt molecules in then run off of the glass and leaves only pure water droplets on the glass that dry of naturally and leave spot free, super clean glass.

    Brush = applicator
    putting dirt into solution

    Rinse = squeegee
    taking dirty water off of glass

    Hope that explains it for ya.

    Anything else.....just ask :)

  4. kris122

    kris122 Guest

    Wow actually sounds quite amazing. Thanks for your great answer.
  5. Gav

    Gav Grand Master

    Dec 18, 2010
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    nicely explained there clearvue