Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Cleaning' started by brian scott, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. brian scott

    brian scott Guest

    I am looking to get a wfp setup but know very little about them, I wondered if any one could help me. Would like to know what is the best type? where could I get a decent cheap one for now? and how comlpicated they are to master
  2. i'd advise buying all the compnents and setting it up yourself its fairly simple and will save you a fortune. There are some good sytems out there from ionics etc. but you will pay alot for them and the only point is to purify the water and get it to the end of the wfp. you can do it for less than half the price when you build it yourself, you can get all the components from piure for reasonable prices They take a couple of months to get competant but its not hasrd.
  3. Hinty

    Hinty Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2011
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    Good advice from Col.

    When starting out, a lot of people go for a cheap pole - would recommend getting a pole thats not too heavy - say a Gardiner CLX27 - one pole would do all.
  4. Agreed. I think Gardiner poles are great value for money and they are just about as light as the best of them.
  5. I set my van up with a pure freedom setup, pretty good.

    Im going to be honest here, for your first pole, get a fibre glass one to obliterate as you will. Then after a month or two, upgrade to a carbon fibre pole as you will never go back to anything but. Starting off with good kit once you know how to use it will save you money in the long run :)

    Have a look at our poles Reach-iT Mini, so many people say due to its compact size and rigidity it saves them lots of time.

    Google us ClearVue Solutions

    Happy system hunting!

  6. how many feet does the reach-it mini extend too
  7. how many feet does the reach-it mini extend too


    Hi Colin,

    The Reach-iT Mini reaches 25ft but this can be extended up to 35ft with the XT.

    When its closed, the pole is only 1.4m, its fab to do downstairs windows or windows in tight areas due to its compact size.

    If you would like to see any pics, just message me.

    Going to be making a demo video for it shortly so that everyone can see it in its full glory :)

  8. i could be interested in one of these, is that the length of the pole or the reach with somone holding it, also how does the extra part work to extend to 35ft does it attach onto the end
  9. Colin

    I'm going to be completely honest as the pole is so good it doesn't need to be embellished.

    Its 22ft pole lenght, with a 25ft reach but only 1.4m (4ft) when closed!

    The XT fits onto the bottom. Its 5'1 closed and 10ft when extended.

    Ill put a pic up.

    Drop me a line (07887777252) tomorrow or an email to and I'd be happy to help you out with a deal.