What is the best van floor coating?

Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by colinvansmith, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. I need to line the floor of my van to water proof it, i'm trying to decide on the best way to do this, ive hear of the protektorate anti-slip paint t but i'm am trying to find a a sort of platic liner that i can install in my van similar to the type that you would find in the back of modern pickup trucks but so far i can seem to find anywhere that does it at a reasonable price has anyone any ideas or alternatives?

    col :)
  2. Hinty

    Hinty Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2011
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    Not seen any plastic liners.

    Have used Protectakote - brilliant.

    If you want a removeable liner you could make a tray out of plywood, and then Protectakote it - best of both worlds??

  3. I used blue protecta Kote in my connect and to cover properly used 3 tins. It goes on much better with a roller because it has rubber granuals in it.
    However - whilst it is water proof and will no doubt protect your van, in my mind it is not that good because it forms a layer which can be peeled at a later date should you want to sell the van minus the Protecta Kote which means if you scuff it you end up with digs (hard to explain).
    For example - you will have heavy hose reels etc which you will plonk in and out of your van all day. I can guarantee that by then end of day one you will have lifted some of the paint which will p*ss you off.
    Therefore go to a proper DIY store and but 2 - 3 metres of rubber matting. My shop sells it off a roll whcih comes at 125cm wide - perfect width for a van. Just buy and fit to the base of your van so you have double protections.
    I put this under my tank before I fitted it as it offers non-slip protection.

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