What is the best waterfed pole brush?

Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Cleaning' started by colinvansmith, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. I am currently using a dual trim pencil jet gardiner 12 inch brush. Do all brushes have pencil jets or is there any with spray jets on the market?

    col :p
  2. nearlyclean


    Dec 20, 2010
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    You can either get them fitted with Fan jets or fit them yourself,I use a Gardiner monofilament dual trim super light brush with fan jets as my every day brush,Got a Flock dual trim super light brush as well for first cleans and conservatory roofs when I want something a little softer to move the dirt around with :p
  3. Windowwhiz

    Windowwhiz Guest

    Sill saver 4 me there brill:

    Gardener are bring out a sill and window brush too soon :))
  4. Hinty

    Hinty Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2011
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    I use a Gardiner super-lite extreme mono filament as my main brush, Super-lite double trim mono filament for first cleans, and a big old Brodex Sill brush for super dirty conservatory roofs (the weight sometimes helps).

    I seem to be a bit of a pendulum - used pencil jets, then changed over to fan jets, now back on pencil jets - probably be back on fan jets soon. :)

    Gardiner's don't recommend using fan jets in some of their brushes as the stock could be weakened - but there are quite a few that have fitted them and are happy. My concern though would be that the brush comes with pencil jets that are flush with the stock of the brush - if you put fan jets in then it may hit the window with a bit of vigorous scrubbing.

    I have used a few 16" brushes, but find it difficult to get enough pressure.

    In my opinion, there is so much choice of brush & pole, it is essential to get them matched. My old aluminium Brodex pole was so heavy, but it didn't seem to matter which brush you fitted. Not the same with my Gardiner clx27 - if I fit the Brodex sill brush it sways all over the place, and is nowhere near as good as when the super-lite extreme is fitted.

    Haven't tried the Tecbuk brushes - I know lots of people like them, but find them a bit small. Didn't really like a few post's they put on another forum saying that Gardiner's didn't really know as much as they did. Even if that is the case - the brush should stand on it's own merits. Will probably try one soon though - so I can make my own mind up.
  5. CL-X Carbon Composite Pole Brush is the best water pole brush. Easy Grip Handle Surface. Positive Stops on Sections. Insulated Handle Section.
  6. thats a pole your talking about this threads about brushes :)
  7. Tecbuk brushes are awesome!!!

    They are maybe a tad more expensive, but oh my gosh do they work! I use one (dual trim) and it is so quick to work with and super light! A real pleasure to use :)

    My advise....give it a go. Mention Jeremy if you do ;)