What is the tallest building you ever cleaned

Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by Cleanliness, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. Cleanliness

    Cleanliness Guest

    Has anybody ever cleaned the windows on a skysSwear word!er? If not what is the tallest building you have ever cleaned. I think this would probably have more to with insurance reasons than anything else because I'm sure it is expensive to go over two stories. But you might make the movies if you had a business that got that high in the sky and those window cleaners get all the girls. HaHa!
  2. Ken

    Ken Guest

    I've cleaned 4th story, cleaned 63ft pole fully extended one handed as was too high for both my hands.
    I didn't enjoy that work, in fact I hated that job.
  3. roxana

    roxana Guest

    There is a special equipment for tall buildings like platforms.. and it's not so scary as you think.. y9ou just have to love the height :)
  4. nearlyclean


    Dec 20, 2010
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    We cleaned a block of flats about 12 stories high,windows and pvc had to be scrubbed.Hoist got stuck and it needed two to operate it and the other guy I was with panic and had to get the fire brigrade to get the thing down.Hire company got fined for not properly maintaining their equipment.we were only on the sixth floor when it happened.I only go to about 50 feet with WFP.
  5. Hinty

    Hinty Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2011
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    I was cleaning a 25 storey block of flats using a knotted rope, but dropped my squeegee and had to parachute down......

    It's all a fuzzy memory now. :)

    seriously - I have cleaned 5 stories by pole - 66ft, 8 floors by cherry picker, and 10 floors by abseil.

    Now though - don't clean higher than 3rd, as I have plenty of work to be picky.

    Would say that prolonged work with the big pole left me going to the chiropracter regularly.

    Used to do a bit of rock climbing, so loved to abseil - but I can earn more doing my regular work.

  6. Cleaning tallest building can be a daunting process and I didn't enjoy that work.
  7. russelarnold

    russelarnold Guest

    I cleaned block of flat about 40 storeies.