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Which ladder?


Good morning,

I am looking to buy a set of ladders to get me started. But I don't no which to choose? Either ***an classic trade 2.5 closed 5.6m open £114.99 (www.ladders4sale.co.uk) or Lansford ELT325 trade 2.4m close 5.94m open £110.40 (www.ladders999.co.uk) The two both look the same?

Anyone got any other choices? Opinions would be great /emoticons/smile.png

Also would the height be ok for 1st floors. As I've looked at the next ladder up from this and I think it would be to big for putting on my roof rack?





New member
Well there are many, many types. You are probably best off saying exactly what you need. We here at (http://www.ladders-online.com) have a great selection of window cleaning ladders --> http://www.ladders-online.com/Ladders/Window-Cleaning-Ladders and best of all if you need any help deciding what type you need we have a dedicated team of people that know the in's and out's of window cleaning ladders! Give us a call and see/hear for yourself! --> 08450 647 647

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