Window cleaning round for sale - Scotland

Discussion in 'Items & Rounds Wanted' started by Ackroyd_82, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. Ackroyd_82

    Ackroyd_82 Member

    Aug 21, 2012
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    I am about to put my window cleaning round up for sale in Aberdeenshire.

    I have cleaned this round for 11 years, and the person before that had it for 15 years. This is a very well established round where 3 weeks of my work are in one village. 2 weeks in the village itself and 1 week in the country area surrounding it.
    My other week of work is 15 miles away and is also country work.
    I make £2700 per month.

    This is top tier work, I don't clean any council type houses. All the houses are privately owned. Being near the oil capital of Europe, the village I clean is very affluent.
    i never collect. All my customers send cheques or will pay via bank transfer.
    If I was to sell this to anyone I would have to take you round for 1 clean and introduce you to my customers. It's not the kind of work where someone new could just show up.
    I clean all my windows the traditional method. But my customers are open to to the reach and wash system since I have spoken to a few of them about this.

    I would be looking in the region of 5 cleans for the work.

    If anyone would be interested then send me a message. I am very reluctant to give this work away but I have been offered a job that I can't refuse.
  2. Joe70

    Joe70 Newcomer

    Mar 12, 2016
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    Hi there Ackroyd_82,, I am very interested in the round that you have for sale, I am looking at buying a business that's already established rather than starting from scratch,, I have already started to buy some equipment and now looking for a suitable van. Hope to hear from you,,