Working with a van system

Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by MyLittleCleaningCompany, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Ok so about to start my first day working with a van system instead of a trolley system and was wondering if anyone had any hints, tips or big no no's. Any disaster days / moments etc.

    I always try to work as methodical as I can to save on time and energy (and so I don't get mixed up with things!) so thinking to park the van in a sensible spot where I can run my hose to all the houses I'm doing on that street. This might sound trivial to some but do people pull the hose to the furthest point on a house? or carry the reel to the furthest point and run the hose back with the reel, leaving the end at the furthest point? (hope that makes sense???) Going to try both ways today I think.
    Do people use warning signs? On my commercial jobs I did when even using the trolley system and will continue to do so when using the van system but do people use these on domestic jobs?

    Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    J ;)
  2. bluemonkey

    bluemonkey Guru

    Apr 25, 2011
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    just walk with hose to furthest away point and start, you will find a way that is best for you
  3. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I pull the hose to furthes point and work back from that, after falling over it about 10 times lol sure you'll get the hang of it 1 tip of the day for you LOOK OUT FOR DOG MUCK lol nowt worse than dragging your hose throughout it good luck with the new set up.
  4. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    Each situation is different and needs to be assessed individually. Most of the time, going to the furthest point is the best idea, but sometimes it isnt. You may find going to the furthest point involves trying to get your hose round parked cars, bushes, various roots, akward fences and such. It might, in some cases be easier and quicker to move your van from house to house, you just have to work out the best approach for you. But i think the 1st couple of days you may well be cursing the van system and wishing you kept using the trolley!. Ground rule though; if you are in a hurry, or running late, or tired and stressed, anything that can snag your hose will snag your hose!. Take a couple of deep breaths, count to ten and keep calm!.
  5. Cheers bbd some very useful advice. Had a good day today not too many issues just getting used to a new way of working. Noticed a massive reduction in time already. The houses where I would normally change the water drum I was just able to keep cleaning without stopping, plus didn't have to stop to move the trolley. Glad I had the trolley, and I'm not getting rid of it as it's a great bit of kit (not that I have any room in the van for it!!)
    Thanks bluemonkey after lifting the hose reel in and out the van a few times I don't think I would be walking that round the house!! [hr]
    Mission successful a returned hose reel with no POO!!! Unfortunately can't say the same about tripping over the hose lol :D
  6. James

    James Guru

    Nov 2, 2011
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    Yeah I think everyone has their own personal system on how to work best. You will find a way to suit you best.