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Extension poles (Traditional)


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Morning all. Newbie here. I started window cleaning about a year and a half ago. I've picked up a lot of my work from people that don't like the water feed pole system.

I need to get an extension pole to do a conservatory roof, but don't know what to go for. Most of my kit is Unger. Any suggestions?

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You can go for an unger make trad pole or maybe a wfp instead.


The reason why I say wfp is that you can adapted a wfp to take trad gear too or use wfp brushes as would come in handy for cleaning the outside of guttering, fascias, soffits and conservatory roofs just using tap water and soap/chem if required. Also wfp clamps are better than standard trad poles and you can also be adapted the wfp to make a cheap internal window cleaning system using an unger type pad holder & micro pads.


If you are thinking that sounds good then best go for a hybrid or carbon type wfp as will be less heavy and whippy than fiberglass or ali poles.


I'm sure @Alex Gardiner could give further help as he stocks quite a few wfp poles and fittings that would give you a good all round working pole for your needs.

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Guest boarcity

unger teleplus pole is a winner for trad use . the first 2 sections are light as a feather and long enough for most normal work


the bigger sections are heavy ,tho i dont use them very often

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If its just for the odd awkward window or conservatory then I don't think you can go wrong with the Unger Optolock pole from window cleaning centre. Mine was working fine until I broke it the other day, but no probs as spare parts are cheap and readily available. It takes lots of unger attachments too.

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hi and welcome windymiller_99 i am trad and i use a very cheap extending pole off ebay ...just £38



i have had two and both peed water out all down my arms but i dont use them like that now so dont care...the brush is great and i hose first then add virosol and then hose again....its a bit heavy but you use that to scrub the roof so no loss and at that price you canna moan....you may need to reglue the joints as they dont last forever...let me know if you buy one if it leaks because i am tempted to get another and use it as the pics show..keep us informed ..:)

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