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My DIY Pole Carrier

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I'm a traditional window cleaner but still need to carry my poles for those hard to reach

windows, 2nd floor, above conservatory etc. I've managed until now with my rear seats

down and throwing my poles in the back but I really wanted my saloon back and to look

more pro.


Ladders removed.




I did alot of research on available materials and

eventually set out to B&Q and bought:-


1 110mm plastic soil pipe(yes toilet pipe) at 2.5

metre length...£15



1 110mm screwed access cap(but in black)...£9





I then had to shop at the pipe centre in my

home town to find the following:-



1 stop end cap....£6



2 104-116mm pipe clamps(but with black

rubber)...£2.40 each.


Continured in next post...

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I assembled the push-fit screw end and cap into the pipe.

I then estimated where I'd have the first clamp on my roof

bars and set about drilling downwards through the bar

taking precautions to protect my roof.



Not a great pic but you can see how I mounted an M10 bolt

through the underside of my roof bar and into the bracket.

I included two washers and tightened the nut to about 35-40lbs.



I then fitted the pipe assembly to the first(front) bracket and ensured it was in line with the

car before marking out the rear bracket.

I tightened everything up and tested.


As you can see, I can easily manage both my Harris pole and my Unger extension which I

use for 2nd floor work.


All I need now is to find some way of fixing some sort of lock to that screw cap so I don't

have to remove my poles each night....anyone with idea's on that ?




Hope this helps someone as this cost me about 40 quid with nuts/bolts etc and was of great

use today...infact, fitting this has actually eliminated a whistle I had through my roofbars...

wierd but great news for my ears :)



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The old x british gas van I bought recently has both a pull down ladder system & 3m odd pipe carrying retangular box. The pipe box is ugly to be honest but very useful as I can get all my guttervac poles in it which save messing up the inside of the van when the crap starts coming out of them.

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great job...and good description ta..:)probably a drilled hole through the lid and the pipe with a bicycle lock....yeh like smurf said one of those long padlocks...

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Or padlock

great job...and good description ta..:)probably a drilled hole through the lid and the pipe with a bicycle lock....

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