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North coast

How much resin

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North coast

Hi I have a di system I run 3x 11l vessels in a line. how much resin would you think I should use

It's 650 ltr tank and I fill it Dailey with about 500ltrs my tds reading on my water from the tap is 196ppm

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Never heard of anyone using 3 DI vessels before. What is the point? Water going into first vessel with new resin at 196 will bring it down to 000 for a time, add second vessel at say 007. It would be like one of those tricks with 3 cups; which one is the coin under?


RO is probably best for you with a TDS of 196 I'd say.


Don't ask me about RO's cuz I know naff all about them :D

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North coast

The way it runs it through the oldest vessel then the next older one then the new one it's ment to make the resin last longer it's a proper system by k-system not sure why there is 3 Di

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I reckon you should've went for an RO System with your TDS and the amount of water you're using.


196ppm and 500ltr per day = 10,000ltr over a 5 day-a-week, 4week period :eek::eek:....


If it was one single 11ltr vessel, you'd changing the resin near-enough every week...or less.

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True what they say about RO, however I am really interested in what results you'll get, please tell us what ppm is the oldest resin when you have to change the newest one.

I was thinking doing the same thing, but then I think after a certain point resin won't hold up as long, so like after 70ppm it will only take a another 50 litres and it will jump up to your tap's ppm.

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That's when it would be very handy to have 2 twin inline tds meters fitted to that type of di system. One probe to measure the tds of the tap water going in and the other 3 probs would be used to measure the output tds of each di tank. Then you could see at a glance all 4 tds readings and the state of the resin in each di tank.


I still think it's rather bonkers though just to use 3 di's as surely that’s going to cost a fortune to run?


Just done a quick calc on this to get some idea https://www.gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/acatalog/De-Ionisation_Calculator.html



Water Fed Pole - DI Resin Cost Calculator

Cost of Resin per 25 litre sack £78

Input TDS (0-999)Parts per million 196(ppm)

Size of DI VesselLitres 33

Litres used per MonthLitres 10,000

Cost per Litre


Estimated Monthly Cost


Change DI Vessel Every Weeks 1.6 weeks

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:whistle::thumbsup:. I remember when i used to double di when at best my tap water was 034 and at worst 094 and when up at 094 i was going through resin at an alarming rate

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