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Recommended cleaning chemical for guttering and facias please.

Guest Musntgrumble

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Guest Musntgrumble

Hi Guys,

What would you guys recommend to use to clean guttering facias and soffits a pre treatmenet to rinse a few minutes later with water if you like,


Thanks in advance


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I just use whatever cleaner I have in the van at the time- usually fairy liquid, or ecover. Its not really the cleaner that shifts the dirt, its more the agitation/scrubbing. If I can ever find a tub of Virosol in a local shop then I would probably buy some, but I haven't ever had the need, even with the dirtiest of UPVC I can always get it off with what I use.

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Guest Musntgrumble

Great Advice tolish Ill give it a go then Vira-sol is a little expensive to justify spending on how many custys ask for the guttering to be cleaned...

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I use a cheap mould & mildew remover from my local shop. £1. Spray it on the length of the gutter/fascia. By the time I come back to clean it comes of without hardly any scrubbing.


Obviously high level gutters are harder to reach so I just spray the water and a single wipe with the pole and go back over. The water breaks down the algae quite well so it's less graft than starting to clean it dry.

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Ubik2000 at 10/1 in a pump spray bottle. Spray on, leave a minute, scrub with a brush for a minute and rinse off with a soaked cloth and water. Works well for me.



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Virosol is very good. I use it with WFP though, I made an extension lance that's attached to a WFP and 5L pump up sprayer. I spray a diluted mixture of about 1:5 leave it for a few minutes and brush it of with pure water.


It's also very good for getting the weeping stains off leaded lights. Get an old microfibre and dip it

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