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Can you use a ladder stand off with a wooden ladder?

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S.W. Window Cleaning


I bought a used ladder stand off from fleebay a while ago and thought I would try fitting it today. I dont know if you can use it on a wooden ladder but thought I would see how it fitted. I know it looks naff. I will buy a proper ladder but as yet haven`t needed it.

When I fitted it the top of the ladder was still on the wall so im sure thats not right. I have attached a couple of photos to see what im doing wrong.






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it needs to go on the top runs m8 for the wall then the ladder will not tuch the walls, u can also use it on the roof tiles smurf probly has some pix that he can up load

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Example - the microlite was placed higher on the roof than I would normaly do just for clearing gutters but was clearing the roof valleys by pole too.


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Now I have a microlite standoff I bought of ebay,used today on a flat roof, what a beast, got an ankalad as well, now have to get the ladder and really thinking will have to go for the complete smurf setup with a BPS combi ladder, but did want one with d-rungs, but all heavier and more expensive than this ladder. Still thinking:rolleyes:, what a setup in these pictures.

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