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Quoting for sofits and fascias


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Hi there,


I'm relatively new to window cleaning and I've been asked to give a quote about doing fascias and sofits aswell as all the windows. How do you quote for it?


Lastly is there a specific way to clean them? I use the water fed pole.


Thanks in advance



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Soffits and Fascia's by themselves - I normally charge about £20-£25 per side of a 'normal' 4 bed house.


Not sure on specific methods of cleaning, I'm quite new to WFP and have either used extendable pressure washing lance or done it by hand in the past. I have done one soffit and fascia clean since going WFP but it took ages - probably the brush I was using.


I think Gardiners Sill brushes are good for them? Someone with more experience will advise.

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I did fascias and soffits yesterday, with gardiners sill brush. quoted 40, took me over an hour unfortunately, but still good, the sill brush was brilliant, i could reach in every little corner without having to change the angle on the brush

I think when pricing any job, you have to think 'how long will it take?' that is how much could you earn if you were doing windows. on the other hand some wcs charge higher for things like fascia, gutters

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Guest sdrah
Nice pic...how did you clean that render ?



telescopic lance however a cheap one without a swivel nozzle so I had to use the ladder couple of times

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you need to have a look, it could be a quick 10 minute job, or on a north facing one thats never been done before with years of ingrained mould, that takes half the morning to get clean...

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I did a job yesterday that the white old plastic gutters were black. To be honest I should have said it would have been quicker to have them replaced as well as the flaking painted fascias & filthy painted soffits as by the time I had finished to my standards the job still looked crap.


In the end I had to pre-spray a mix with hypo in it then had to scrub all the gutters by hand too. Was a bloody nightmare of a job to do.

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