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High rise window cleaning chicago style

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Oh my goodness, I think I woud charge £100 a window. Looks like jolly hard work. No detailing though, but who cares. Take my hat of to those guys. Havent watched it all. Closest thing to being spiderman with those suckers. Stick to my slx25 me thinks.

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ahh not for me thankyou ...i made ten minutes but i couldn't do that all day send me mad...mind you if there was secretaries in short skirts in every room...


i like to be moving from challenge to challenge job to job...


i do think he may be able to speed up a bit if he could just sucker the masonry full stop...nice squeegee action though..and i must get a lasso or whatever they are called....


yeh after my wfp nightmare last night now i know whats coming tonight...:D

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