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Pure water


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Hi i have purchased a backpack with fed pole but i will be using it for the windows cant get to by ladder and also using the system for cleaning conservatory roofs with tap water (will i need 2 backpacks?

I want to make pure water so i can fill the backpack up and then fill some containers up until i get some more money for a van and proper system.

What do i need exactly any links needs to be cheap as possible and there wont be any rain water coming anytime soon lol prices?

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Any remaing tap water in the backpack and hose will increase the tds of pure water. So all you need to do is empty all the tap water out then refill with pure and flush it through till the ppm drops back down. You will need to use a tds meter to check what's the ppm coming out of the backpack. Same goes if you use a wfp hose for tap water you just need to connect the hose back up to the pure water system then pump pure water through the hose reel until the tds drops back down to 0.00ppm.


I use a 100m of minibore hose reel on jobs quite often that has hozelock fittings for tap water same as one of my wfp's to save using loads of pure water. Then all I do is flush it through to clean glass with pure no problem. After saying that though I use a van mount so any wasted pure water is no real issue when flushing tap water out of the hose. If they don't have an outside tap then I just have to use loads of pure water instead.

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