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cloudy and naff here thank god...too hot yesterday...but i had a job over the road so some nice ice cold cans of stella kept me going....i keep getting new very dirty jobs....but i limit them to one a day...done first thing...i just couldnt have done that one yesterday had the sun come out...


i thought she was going to give me a nice tip....but she said....i will pay for next clean too...still that will be done when she is out at super speed....:rofl:


(not got over the pictures of your net of fish yet! think my biggest was only a measly three pounder!)

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I'm off work today with a pulled muscle so my entertainment for an hour or so is I'm watching the council remove a 60ft tree out the back by the roadside. Boy do those chaps work fast but there H&S is a bit lacking :D

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Take it easy smurf been working to hard. Ive just been lookin at di resin all am:confused: spoke to a shop they said that they are gettin spectrum resin in v soon at reduced price and claim to be 25% better, whatever that means. Windowcleaningstuff shop. My resin is about done, just tricklin through hose to get the golden 000. Just goin out now to do a few local jobs.


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Thanks will do :thumbsup:


They claim spectrum di tanks are so say 25% more efficent but was not aware they made di resin too.

Just checked the website for the resin its in now.




£78 inc vat and free delivery. Wonder if its any good? Just emptied half my resin out and had enough to top up, so will keep me going for a month at least. So dont know if I should try this over the Tulsion that Ive only used?

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