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Made me laugh


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On the way back from a gutter clearing job this morning I had to stop at a pedestrian crossing. Whilst I was waiting for the people to cross and the lights change to green I just happened to look up at the shop front right by the crossing. The whole gutter run was full of what looked like 2 foot weeds/sampling trees growing up to the sky.


I bet you can't guess what they sold?


To help I've given you a clue is in my post :D

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Had a big sign up accross the shop front saying "Sky Satalite & Aerial Installers"


Now that did make me laugh as they use ladders everyday but can't be bothered to clear & clean their on shop gutters :D

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get your card in smurf....


in my other persona...i be roofman... well i can shove the odd tile back....i went to two jobs for a satellite company...they may as well have sent an elephant up on the roof...i canna be ar sed so i told them to carry a tube of silicone and stick the buggers back...well i canna be doing with invoices and waiting for money..thankful they must have learnt to be careful up there...


if you must know....you have to spread your weight across two tiles....and if you hear a creak.

..get your bloody foot off quick..:eek:

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I don't use business cards or a sign written van as don't want ppl to know who I am and what I do for a reason. After saying that like today and most days I seems to actract enough villiage idiots over anyway. God they do my head in :D

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yep that sounds very like me ....i just want to get on in peace....but there is always someone cutting grass or delivering something that wants to tell you about his time as a windowcleaner:)

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hey some life stories are amazing....one old dear trapped me in the kitchen and told me how her first husband tried to kill her...i was shocked ...until she told me her second husband tried to kill her....hmmmmm:rofl:

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