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Guest MillerBHA

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Guest MillerBHA

Chaps could I have a bit of advice

What is best to use for detailing at moment I detail with scrim but find that about a minute or so later I have to wipe round again with a microfibre cloth as water marks have been left when the detailing with scrim so I seem to have to detail twice which is ok but seems a bit silly

I know it's probly a stupid ? But it's starting to annoy me a little bit now so should I just use a microfibre but I've watched other windys and they just seem to use scrim to detail and that's it done but if I did just that I would have a water mark around the edges

Any help appreciated

Thanks lads


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Have you broken in your scrim? Depending on what scrim you buy you have to break it in by boiling it. You can do it in a pot on the stove or I just bung it in the washing machine on a boil wash. Even after boiling it you still need to use it to break it in and get it soft/ready.

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Guest MillerBHA

Cheers chaps I use dry scrim maybe the problem is that as I'm still fairly new my squegee technique is still improving and probly leaves the edges a bit untidy

Would be best to slow that down and that might eliminate the need to detail twice

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Guest MillerBHA

Thank you paulio I bought it as washed but it is very stiff as it were so thanks I will give it a boil up and use it more,because of the result I've been getting with it I've tended not to use it but opted for a softer towel now you've said that it makes perfect sense to me because my scrim at the moment is a bit like greaseproof paper

I know what you mean cheapancheerful I've got the black marks too

Thank you all very much

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Thanks tuffers

Yes am using one or maybe two fingers

I think it's that my scrim is very hard still and not very absorbent


That'll be it mate. Before you know it, you won't need to do any detailing at all :rolleyes:

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defo new scrim totole pants they r i use blue microfiber frm wilko no lintles an no water marks left scrim needs to b washed on very hot wash at least 5/6 times b for they wrk proply add white vinager to help sofen them up

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Guest MillerBHA


That's exactly the problem

Pity they don't mention that when you buy it but I did actually think a few weeks ago I might aswell be using tin foil

So thanks lads for the help although it's common sense it doesn't always come to me but that's the idea of this forum so thanks againagain

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i bought a pre washed one and it was the weirdest ever scrim for me anyway....it stays wet for ages an seems to slime around but as a dry scrim it works great...funny stuff scrim...:) but i love it...

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your right tenchy but thats how i like them....doesnt matter as they are all old scrims mainly full of holes..and so quite small ....thats what the wifey is for....i must get a pic up next time the line is full:D


that tenchy must be loaded if he can afford to put a tumble dryer on:whistle:

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Check wagga out dog earing his squeegee, then you reduce the amount of detailing you need to do.





quite hard to get just right, but its a bit of fun to do on rainy days.

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