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Diy pole end stop to stop hose trapping (part 2)

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Then fit the cap around the pole. A gap will appear where it grabs onto the pole (see pic) Then fit in the 10mm piece and super glue it in placejust at the top of the feet, Taking care NOT to glue to the pole.




When dry, remove from the pole, apply more super glue to the inner ring, and wrap some insulating tape (optional) around the body. It should look something like this.




You will now have a tight gripping, fully removable end stop that will stop you from trapping your pole hose on the floor. I have worked with this on for around 18 months and never has it fell off, yet can be removed if need be.





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Thanks for posting but I prefer to use the hose on the outside of the pole myself.

As a matter of interest why did you diy that as were you having problems before?

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Why not Tuffers ?

Smurf, when I first got my shiny new pole, I set it up and immedietly it went through me the way the pole bears down on the hose when it is stood up and thought the hose would soon split if the pole was on it a lot. I do a lot of my work, tops WFP only so I am standing the pole on my trolley at almost every house I do. Also I attach the pole to the Trolley when moving from house to house so it is on the hose. I suppose it depends how you work.

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Good idea, but it wouldn't last 5 minutes with me :D



I'd break it :confused:

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I put a clip on my trolley and used a loop of elasticated sports wrap to hold it higher up...


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