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Would you adam & eve it?

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At least they did not nick the van as well unlike what happened to my nephew travelling in New Zealand with 3 of his mates.


They were parked up asleep after being on the piss when a gang of men woke them up and at knife point and threatened to kill them if they did not give them the keys to the van. They were left at the side of the road with just the cloths they stood up in at the time but thankfully unharmed. They were not wimps either as were all bodybuilders but decided to live another day as you do.

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i have told my kids give em what they want and hopefully like you say....live another day..


as for the post.....very sad....but thats the way life is these days...


even here in the middle of nowhere i always take the time to lock my ladders on...i would never leave anything out of view...too many opportunists wandering around...

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