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Wfp round for sale in mitcham/pollards hill

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I have a well established WFP round for sale in the Mitcham\ Pollards hill area.


It consist of


4 weekly = 30

6 weekly = 1

8 weekly = 25


Total is 56 customers - Value is £543.


I am looking for £1300 for the round.


I will take your round and show you the best way to clean this round as well as introduce you to all the customers.


I have had the round for almost 2 years but most of the round have been cleaned by the previous windy for 10 years or more. He gave it to me when he had a accident on his ladder.


This round needs to be done with a WFP system and a ladder ( to get over the back of all the houses).


Its very compact and access to all properties is available front and back and I am the ONLY person on this big estate.


Reason for selling is I am getting to old for this round.


call Matt on 07414 438 309

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It was easy a couple of years ago. Used to make 150 to 200 in a day but I have slowed down a lot since then

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yep sounds a good buy but ....who the bloomin heck is the one six weeker....i think i would have to move that...:D should sell easy....its great to buy knowing its been done by a proper windy...now if i could actually get round to writing any of my work down ....i would be tempted to sell some...well i know where it is...most of the time....oops sorry maxine i have your postcode now...

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Its because I use George. Used to be a computer engineer.

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