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Thanks folks


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Thought it was about time I started a thread and thanked everyone for sharing all their knowledge on here. I'm a complete newbie to the trade and I've been scanning the forum daily for months, and letting you guys guide me with products/techniques/pricing and everything so thank you all.


I'm almost ready to hit the streets canvassing. I just need to tie up my leaflets and business cards and final fit all my gear to my car.


I'm going to be running my business out of a Classic Mini .


My reel , 100meters of micro bore , shurflo pump and flow controller and battery are fixed permanently in the boot.

While my water will be in 5 x 25l containers where the back seat would be. My house is central enough for me to nip back mid day and change over containers as soon as I run low.


I've been practising for the last few weeks on my own house getting used to extending the pole ( Gardiners Slx22 ) and getting hopefully the right wash and rinse technique down.


I have 2 big first cleans (25/27 windows each house) which I'm doing for friends at the begining of next week so hopefully all will go smoothly .


I've bought a basic unger trad kit aswell just incase and one of my friends want me to so the interiors too.


I'm excited/sceptical/nervous/determined for this to work .


Here's hoping :)

Thanks folks.

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Looking forward to seeing some pics. I like the old minis.:thumbsup: Good on you for also buying some trad kit. It takes a bit of practise to look the part but it will come, and you'll be glad you have the skill when you need it. Good luck to ya matey.

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aaaarrrggggg.jpg.cdfbc49df5f73a1d7ab9bacef84c8344.jpg So....


After doing a few houses with my gear just loose in and out the car I've spent the last 2 days working out where everything was going to go.

Made a support shelf for the water containers/ boarded out a section of the boot for my reel and fixed in the pump controller.

Worked like a Trojan all day in the blistering heat , got it all in and sorted well chuffed with myself.

Then thought right let's give it a blast now it's all in place. Had one thing left to do which was to sort out where my battery is going to sit so hadn't yet shortened the length of the leads or fitted the Essential fuse should some retard connect it up reverse polarity...


Yep exactly what I did in my haste to try it all out.. £100 down the drain after 5 uses... :(

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.these things happen ....sh it happens...hey i must put that on a tshirt....dont give up the mini is lovely carry on life is like a box of chocolates...oh god i watch too much tv....let us know how y0u get on...cool car...cool idea...i saw them minis with the boots full of gold.....

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Your mini and set up looks cool as vortex absolutely love it.


How come its cost you £100? Whatve you done blown the controller or pump? That is bad news either way mate sorry to hear your having teething probs. is there owt we can help with? If you put some pics up maybe we can see what youve done wrong with your wiring

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Really great vortex I'm excited for you seeing the effort you have put in. Hic ups will straighten themselves out and you will settle in to a routine. I remember at the start I wanted to kick my hose reel to kingdom come because I kept on getting the hose tangled and I was always trippin over the damn thing. You should be proud of yourself for what you have achieved so far.


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Thanks for all the really positive comments folks :)


I'm really looking forward to get this all back up and running. It turns out i've blown up one of the diodes on the pump controller board , so i'm off on a 68 mile round trip to pick up a £0.54p diode tonight haha and hopefully the rest of the board is ok... if not i'll get a new controller ordered tomorrow.photoxxx.JPG.789479d4b4236167a54bb0a50149c5a3.JPG


Will post up more pics once I've finished painting in the boot and things are looking a bit tidier :)


Onwards and upwards.

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Good on you fella.

That mini is going to be your unique selling point. You'll get talked about and I'm sure it can only help to get your business off to a flying start and gain you new customers along the way.

People love quirky, unusual things so you're certainly on the right track using the mini.

Hope it all works out for you.


Keep posting and pop a few more pics up as you go.

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Well the 54 pence diode repair worked !!! ;);)

Got home last night, soldered it all up and tested it all out this morning and I'm back in business.


Rain has halted play on me finishing tidying up the boot and painting so I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon working on my business cards/flyers and website.


Have a look if you get a minute folks would really appreciate your input. :thumbsup:

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i could never fix stuff ...great job ....i got a load of stuff lined up for you to fix.....:rofl:looking forward to you getting stuck in...and keeping us informed..:D

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