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I had a takeaway curry last night....big mistake as I've been running to the loo since I woke up :D


Don't think the first customer of the day was impress when I said I've got the shits so can we rebook it for later on today. :rolleyes:


I have two consevstory roof to deep clean starting now a 2pm instead which is going to be fun without wearing me man pants so wish me luck :whistle:


It's times like this I wished I had bought a porta loo for me van & maybe a pop up shower too :confused:

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Guest kahoona

Smurf i know i'm new here so i hope you don't mind me taking liberties but i just worked out what smurf means...

Shit My Underpants & Regularly Farts

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I took an enquiry earlier on...the usual "how much do you charge" wanting a price over the phone. Anyway as it was a bit far out to take a look so I asked a few questions and gave a high price over the phone. Being self cleaning glass I upped the price even more as you do. The chap said yes that's ok when can you do it. Oh bugger I thought as I did not want the job really but resentfully booked the job in.


Just goes to show you don't have to sell on price alone I guess :rolleyes:

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