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Potential add on service for the business


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Whilst cleaning an house today, a bloke turned up to kill off a wasps nest in the house roof. It took him 5 minutes then he came round to the front door to get paid. He was a friendly bloke and said to me "I cant believe you arent offering this service, you would make an absolute mint with all the houses you have". He then showed me how to kill a nest and told me about a company that offered a one day training course and told me where I could buy my kit from. He reckons you can make up to about 10 grand in the summer doing this. He charged my customer £78.00 for what was a 5 minute job. He said prices vary from about £65 - £110.00. He was actually a plumber and turned up in the plumbing companies van but did this work on the side.


I might have a look into this as it sounds like very easy money. I see wasps nests virtually every day at this time of the year. Has anyone had any experience of this trade.....I seem to recall that someone on the forum said they used to do this.

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I know where you are coming from smurf. Despite what people think, wasps do have a purpose, and they certainly help out in the garden, but this lady was getting loads of them in her bedroom and bathroom and could see how they were getting in. She just wanted rid as do a lot of people.

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I'm a qualified pestie and the wasps are easy money, although he's charging more than I would I still do alright out of it. Just never made enough on the other services, all sown up by the nationals, so only do the wasps now for a bit of extra cash. Company called Killgerm do good training and the kit will set you back about £200 to get started.

You do need to be aware of the legal side which can get messy if things go wrong ( killing a pond of Koi by accident, that sort of thing) and you now have to have a waste carriers licence to dump your empty tubs etc.. Also just as we get splash and dash merchants lots of part time pesties will dust anything that moves and not all of it is legal. If you ever visit a pest control forum they hate windys who treat wasps and we're deemed as unprofessional as most will happily undercut them for cash.

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Cheers Ryan. Killgerm were the company that this bloke mentioned. He also warned me about the serious legal consequences of killing bees. I can imagine the qualifed pesties would be a bit peed off at windies offering this service, but it does make business sense to have this as an add on, so long as you do the job properly and charge the going rate.

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Exactly, if you have the correct certification and do the correct risk assessments etc, follow the rules then your just the same as them in my eyes, if not better as the most famous national company are notorious for bad staff training and practices. Most Pesties rely on and build their businesses around contract work and Wasp season is a bonus, they just don't like to share! I keep my wasp kit in a separate sealed rub in the motor and if I get a call I'm there asap, people really like that as most are scared of the little buggers. I get most of my work through flyers in shop windows and the local paper so it costs next to nothing to advertise too.

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yeh i dont like to harm anything except that which can harm me....and wasps are on my list as i allergic to them...if i see it ...it dies....:rolleyes:i dont want any other job i just want a rest...bloody plumbing....:rolleyes:

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eight diff jobs to do today...and one not been done since xmas....well she owes me £30 and the last thing the pa said to me was i will sort it as she stuck my invoice in a pile....but i cant get out of that one..i have so far managed to shift one to mon and hoping to shift another soon..


and still the garden grows..as you know mrtaytay...and its staring at me....still i got pure...ish on the go....although i am buggered if i can lift a 25litre full of water....these wfp pole guys must be strong....


maybe your magic cloth will save the day again...:D

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ahh no weekends for me thank god...although ...i have some 500 mags to go out with the wife ...i usually have a few pints first...the last time two rounds...£20.76 ...earnings from the mags....£20....hmmm..but i dont remember the pain of delivering them...and of course ....i have my cards in my pocket...if i spot a dirty window..


you can tell just looking if they have a windy and even how long ago he did them....

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im a right anti social bugger...who just likes to have his music on...i dont like peoples...i did take my lad out once....the poor thing ...it was a great big thick leaded house and the daft owner had decided to paint the wood surrounds with some special oil and it was all over the windows...as it was a new job...we carried on...i think that put him off for life....mind you he was a good helper...


i like doing things my own sweet way and the way i work can be a bit mad at times ....i often charge around like a bull in a china shop....which is what i will have to do today....it would be easier to get rid of some cra ppy jobs...:D

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Guest boarcity

good that ur an anti-social type. means u wont take no sh/t from a helper. i can only speak for myself,but i never mind the cr appy jobs these days,its all fine when u hav a helper or 2 or 3 on board. i now even laff about bad jobs i used to slog at on my own that come good with a generous price hike/team effort .

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yeh but i think working with daddy put me off....he was always going off to do something and leaving me and my brother to get the work done....one day i was that cold i curled up and didnt move......:D


mind you i miss the jovial banter...so thats what i like on here...

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