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Speeding up production


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I need to find a way of speeding up production of my ro system. Got a 400gpd system from vyair and comes with built in twin booster pumps. Been running it for about a week now,but oh my goodness it's soo slow. Overnight produces maybe 100-150litres in about 12 hrs. Got 1000 ibc tank trying to fill. Would of been my an idea to have 2 of us using the water but at this speed iv only got enough water for myself,

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yeh just trying to figure out mine...er two floods so far....i reckon...about 20litres takes one and a half hours although the containers are supposed to be 25l im not so convinced they are..i set the cooker timer now to ring to remind me...:D

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i am starting small only 100gpd but does have the upgrade kit to go to 200gpd...depends on how much it catches on for me...

If you end up not using the upgrade kit I'd be interested if your ever selling :)

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its only £99 on ebay or £140 with pump...not really a bad deal..hey i cant quit now im a wfp addict...i got the shakes..i need to get my pole out..:D.now come on norm you cant let that go.....:rolleyes:

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yeh i just want to catch them when they are out and they will be wfped....and of course i am not taking any risks now..not worth it...

my worst job is the three storey georgian under lyme trees with bloomin balcony rails.. i hate it ..and one of them is often away and leaves the money so defo doing that one...as smurfy says about my spider problem...i drown the little bugg ers.:rofl:

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er maths not my strong point...so ...20 x 4...er...one hour twenty for twenty litres.....sounds pretty much the same as mine..at one hour thirty it overflowed...oops...i gotta get the time right:D hey but yours is four time s bigger...mine is pumped...mine is fast enough for me at the mo as i only playing...cant wait till tomorrow....

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