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Alfa romeo


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i drive an alfa romeo 156 2l bought for £1200

as i was going on a 250 mile drive with all family on board decided to check the oil

the mrs has been using it 5 days a week for months 25 mile round journey

hadnt checked the oil in a year or so :rolleyes:

long story short took 2 litres :eek: to sort it

cant believe it didnt trash the engine

respect to alfa romeo

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I thought you were testing your microphone with that title, Alfa romeo tango one lol.


I had Volvos for years and its incredable how well built they were aswell, I stopped buying them when they were bought by ford, not that I could afford a new one though, but would still look at getting a second hand origional. Alfa Romeo is a car I never had before but they sound robust aswell.

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your a racy little bear norm....:D


top gear did a test a few years ago where they emptied the oil out and carried on driving....they all lasted quite well all things considered...


okay...i have to go check mine....:eek:


i had a volvo 340 it was a great car bit heavy on the juice but solid as a rock....didnt stop rust killing it though...top of the rear springs...ahh i miss it...


there is a local windy around here who has a blue p reg 240 estate going strong with piles of ladders on top he doesnt half graft ..if your on here respect...he did look so laid back and relaxed when i pulled out behind oh so comfy them seats...


when gav sorts out the flyers for this site i will easy hunt him down...

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Probably a 740 or 940 CnC the 240 were finished production way earlier than the P reg. I had an E reg 240 years ago and 740 and 940s I'm not surprised the window cleaner is still using one perfect as plenty of room.

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yeh i wasnt paying attention...740 may be nearer the mark....i am really tempted to still get one as they are really well built and loads of room...that poor 340 moved house for us....loads on top too...thankful we didnt move far...


they be a nice movers them alfas....but very prone to rust in the early days spoilt them....i can just see that norm zooming down the country lanes...

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er...you dont want to know what i just looked at....okay...well it is only down to being lazy and the local garage...

its a t reg ford galaxy...he reckons 1999 but i not sure about t reg then....

my idea was to rip the seats out and use it as a posh van....and of course i could still put the seats back...but underneath i spotted the dreaded rust at that age...not so sure i could deal with that again...its a diesel...

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well a ridiculous£1295....with full mot ...but i not so keen on rusty rot...on a side member behind the front wheel...i clicked on a more modern one only £795 but found it was in coventry...mines a 02 passat estate and not in brill condition which i actually bought off him...i also clean his windows....so i was hoping to cut a deal with my car and £500...but its a bit of a backwards step really...i do his windows occasionally...hes a reputed millionaire...

anyway he saw me looking with the wife but never came over so...thats the end of that...unless i do his windows and he mentions seeing me looking...i aint going to him as that would give him the edge...


i have to retax this month and i need four new tyres soon...

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yep my thoughts exactly i have had too many rust buckets....its the boot space i want cause i carry so much kit...gonna try leaving the seats down for a while as the kids taxi service is now grinding to a halt...two have their own cars now and one has a boyfriend with a car...and the son has his car...so all quite on the taxi front unless they go out on the razzle...:D


plus of course i havent got the £1200....it was just a thought before i take the plunge and tax it for another year...

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Guest boarcity

i know one windie with an Alfa , think its a 156 estate ,smart lookin


iv run a few berlingo vans ,ok in most respects . one i have now iv fitted 2 Fiat panda front seats in the back[fitted well back for good legroom] , plus belts and drinks holders and its comfy as anything back there for my workers .

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Thats the dilema ive got as i'm not puting my car through another MOT, either a car with a massive boot or a crew van because I cant afford to run both, and kids dont want to be stuck in seats in the back of a van. V70 wins I think.

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Guest boarcity

there is such as thing as a berlingo car with windows that has van barn doors on the back[most berlingos cars have a hatchback door which is no good for ladders] . iv seen 2 now , maybe a limited edition about 2004 reg



i think,for trad, best idea is a saloon low car with a boot. volvo do one i think,looks comfey. i used to see 2 lads in a big merc 250 saloon,2 ramseys on top,no crap , old enuff not to worry if u scratch it and comfey the luxury all day long. i used to be really jealous of them,i had a fiat brava at the time [ladders inside] , but iv not seen them in the last 3 yrs ,think they quit, one had a huge gut and you cant be that size once your round grows

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Thinking back I should never have gotten rid of my Volvo 940 est in 2012, it took my ladders and trolley system and barrels no problem, but you live and learn as they say.:( my mate had a couple of beringo van/car type seemed pretty good.

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yeh thats what i am scared off the only reason i have ever got rid of a car was the cost of repairing the rust damage for mot ...and mine at the mo is okay.....change can be scary

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I remember years ago maybe 2005 I bought a 740 off ebay for £500 went from Glasgow to Bolton and picked it up. It lasted me with no problems for a good few years how can you argue with that.

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Guest boarcity

i see a couple of pony tail lads in a 740 estate, they are called "first aid for windows" with a big green cross on the side of the car. they have very long ladders which you can carry easy on a volvo but few others

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