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New ladders

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dont forget being on new ladders takes a while for you to get used to them...i have heard of them...cant remember wether i have used them..my old ladders where like being in the navy at sea going up them...:D

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if there clean..take em back and tell them you want to buy the trade pair...they should be happy as they get more money off you and you will feel safer on them....mind you...they dont half scratch easy so probably too late...

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I'm after a new set

What size do you think would cover most jobs?

I have 3 piece ladders which will do most 2 story houses but won't reach gutters but need new longer ones

Been looking at lyte and werner sets online


I have resorted to using an old b&q special set I had laying about for gutters but don't feel safe at all

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For gutters I use clow group ladders 15 rung double total 30 rungs, quite heavy but manageable but most importantly safe. I wouldn't entertain B&q ladders at least the ones I have seen up here plus all my ladders have feet on them.

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My smaller 3 piece ones are trade ones..can't remember the make.

I like em cos they have the bar accross the bottom to make the base wider and more stable

Am doing as few high jobs as possible until I get new ladders sorted

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yep me work mainly on ladders that for the most remain doubled up....and this is useful for going over locked gates as i can leave one half behind and step onto the other and do all the backs on half a ladder..

...can be a bloody nuisance on some windows as they are just too big but i go above the window on them..or from the side.they are rock solid safe though...a bit heavy lifting them on and off the car but i not too old yet....:)

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yep more than a few times struggled with that one..


.dont tell smurfy that i lift the ladder off sometimes at the top to clean...:eek::eek::eek:


my only accident was caused from putting the ladder in the wrong position and of course carrying on instead of going back down and moving it....now...i dont do dodgy any more...got my new toy...wfp...which also means i can add windows on that i couldnt do before....and up the money as you do....

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yeh its great...suppose the water is time consuming but its great fun avoiding a flood.....i have it down to one hour fiveteen minutes on the cooker timer to fill a 25 litre barrel...although i think nearer 20 litres as one barrel just fills my 18 litre backpack trolley full...

hmmm...i tried to use the backpack straps to carry it back to the car for a refill and they just gave way...no instructions and i thought i had them on right but i canna fix them on...if it had gone full from my shoulders that would have been bye bye backpack...

i keep practising at every opportunity and slowly i am getting there...opened the patio doors and kitchen windows which were really dirty and with no detergent the dirt just scrubbed off and on frames its great...its magic water...:D


the main thing is ...no regrets on spending £365 of money i havent really got on something which will keep me safe and i would just buy it to clean my own windows/frames/facia fullstop...

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I got a back pack at first but then sold it and built my own trolley system as I felt it was easier to change over barrels than keep filling pack up. Tip for you sit something underneath back on your trolley so you can access switches on pack if its a sureflo pack.

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yeh i just playing at the mo...i will want something bigger soon....bloody switch is hidden at the bottom a real pain and nothing yet to switch water on off...but i working on it...:)

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Guest boarcity

i had a year on Youngman diy and loved every minute


i bought them after reading they were what Wagga uses or used to for many yrs too.


later i changed to Lyte trade ladders for the extra confidence you get using proper trade ladders

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