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Does leafleting work?

Dave B

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Had one of those days today..new jobs and constantly hearing"mr window cleaner can you do mine"


Getting tight for time

Do leaflets work or best to knock on all the doors?


Big area to cover (about 12 roads)

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yeh i always like leaflets ...its up to them to phone you...but i not canvassed for years as there aint enough hours in the day at the mo....and its ....too bloo dy hot ....has no one else thought its too bloo dy hot...:D

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yep me got me beer i had to go and buy....i was on stella now on speckled hen...its all good....but what will tomorrow bring..my first job is the shortest skirt i have ever seen...but it looks like her bloo dy husbands off...grrrrr..still...it may take me a while to clean some of the windows....:devil:

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Where I was today are the easiest houses.all identical 2 up 2 down on front

2 up 1 down and patio doors on back

10-15 mins work and tenner each

Not been chargung extra for first clean as not too busy at the mo

Think getting the custys is more important than time for now

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yeh as long as you dont forget where you are....some times when they are all the same i kinda drift off....i must do a lot of windows twice to be on the safe side....


er tomorrow just in....5.30 am start...still its the weather for it...

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Guest boarcity

leaflets av their place , but you must put out a lot of them to guarantee a result. in the early days i used to go out leaflettin 1 hour , but later learnt thats a waste of time. you need to do 3 or 4 hours worth , at least twice a week , to get anything worthwhile

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I dropped 1000 leaflets off and didn't get a single reply when I started. :(


BUT... I didn't have a website, and ...it was in December!


...so, timing was out, and a website gives people a great way of checking you out before calling.

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you can get a lot of cr ap as well...odd ones here and odd ones there....i am trying to wriggle out of one tomorrow as it just aint worth the effort....:cool:too hot...

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Right..new next door neighbour

Cleaned his windows 3 days ago while he was at work

Saw him next day he had no cash on him

Now been 3 days

If was a stranger I would have told him whats what by now as I have no patience for piss takers

How long do I leave it before I kick the shite out of him..lol

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yep me a softy but....today...posted a hand written note through a pain saying i will be here tomorrow can you leave the money under the wheelie bin if you want them cleaning....its either there or it aint....but i on a new job anyway so no loss....in fact ...a £2 rise...and that be the way for me now...

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