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Out the army and need advice please ?


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hey , im currently getting out the army and thinking of going into the window cleaning business.

ive recent bought an l200 and was wondering if a reach and wash system will fit in the back?

also is it worth doing or doing traditional method ?

im after a smallish round which ill build up in the lancashire area

have around 15k to spend, and also is it worthwhile? as im a qualified tree surgeon aswel and its gunna be either or i think


thanks a lot for any info you can give me


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Guest boarcity

iv a trad round myself , and i can tell you its bloomin hard work. but if you like a physical challenge then id recommend it. it gets a tad easier once you pass the point able to employ

so many jobs these days lack any physical challenge and you see how the people doing them look, pale faced and weasley, what sort of life is that ,eventually they grow to hate the boredom . trad you wont ever be bored as climbing the ladders focusses your mind i promise you.

you wont ever need to get a gym membership if you do trad day in day out as its a workout in the job.

one other bonus about going trad is theres little start up cost and very little ongoing cost,just the squeegee rubber and soap now n then


iv known several tree surgeons over the years,all seem quite happy with their lot, but once you start that you are very committed as you will need a yard to store wood and chop and load firewood to earn money over the winter. Whereas window cleaning theres no premises ,you could quit at anytime and not be down a penny

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I am trad at the moment and enjoy the workout (you know you've done a days work)

If you wanna be extra safe and do gutters aswell you can get decent ladders and a standoff and ankalad all new for 300 quid and get all the gear to trad for about £60 from wintecs

£14.5k for holiday then..lol

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Hi Tom and welcome to the forum.


Best to check the payload of your van to see what size wfp van set up plus all the other tools you want to carry in the van.


Are you thinking of going down the diy route or just buy a van mount system and have it fitted?

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Most cleaners these days can trad & wfp so it's best to learn both methods I think as some jobs are more suited to one or the other. Building a round can take time and is not as easy as ppl think so if you want to start earning a yearly salary from day one then getting a job as a tree surgeon maybe your better option.

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thanks a lot some useful info there, i think ill do a bit of both now while im still in, and then go down the route which seams to be taking off more, and ill go traditional and if work picks up get wfp and buy some more work, good to know i can fit them in the back of my truck too so thats an option, ill take a look at that website too

thanks a lot


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