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Hello everyone i started window cleaning about 3 months ago and i havent actually done any when it has been raining or windy just wondered what do window cleaners do when it rains?

is there different techniques when it rains what equipment do i need a coat obviously i use microfibre towels to do the detailing will i need more for rainy days?

will i loose customers in the winter ?

do most window cleaners just work in summer and then have a different trade in the winter?

thanks everyone just need these questions answered as im worrying about it all

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i wrk in dressel but when its raining i go home unless its on an off all day then ill wrk inbetween the showers im wfp so mch easer trad ant good in rain as soap leves the window spotty after its rained

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I have worked in snow, rain and hail..only serious strong wind stops me

End of the day it's all money

Don't understand these people who don't want windows cleaned when rain is forecast

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hmmm, dont mention weather after i wasted friday waiting for supposed rain that didnt arrive..grrrrrr


it is the worst aspect of the job...the weather...but i have so many jobs to do on the house it doesnt bother me at all...i need to replace the shower...if i got the proper tradesperson in it would cost me £100 ish and if i do it myself i look at it that i have earnt that although i dont think the wife thinks quite the same....so rain doesnt bother me...providing ...it rains...if it starts peeing about that is really annoying..as in ...sunny ...rainy...sunny ..hate those days..:)

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because ....er....because...er...it...looked like rain...er....okay i was knackered and it was friday..i give up ...you can't get away with anything on here...:rofl:

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i am am and always will be a lazy bugger....its just i am not allowed to be one...okay ...so just looked at the forecast for wednesday ...dreadful...i have two booked in....hmmmm do i believe them...oh i will just look out of the window...:D

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Haven't looked in my pot for a couple of weeks

Bearing in mind this is my 4th week back at it and been doing full time job also and been buying bits and bobs I have £780 still in there...woohoo

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yep i reckon you can do it dave..defo...and the freedom...crank up the music and get stuck in....


suppose ...you could always go back if it dont work out...:eek:

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