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Grabbed myself a bargain!

JJ Window Cleaners

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Very pleased with them. Although recently I've developed an irrational fear of the ladders slipping out on me :(

If in doubt, put the heel of the ladder closer to the wall. And have a think about buying a safety device for the bottom. Takes a lot of the fear out of it.

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I am as carefull as I can be.. (just in case smurf is listening)

But I will be glad when my ankalad turns up

Don't matter how carefull you are some days you have a niggling feeling in the back of your mind

Other days you just get on with it and don't think about it..weird

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as i got up top....i heard a noise from the gutter which kinda shook me...

and there was my little birdy friend sat on her nest....ahhhh20140805_100836.jpg.44aff26ce4d56a80edaec4231d7cdc81.jpg


not so sure about hatching up there in the gutter...next to the downspout....hmmmm


that is an egg shell next to the downspout er but no chick in sight ooops..

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dont look down....



all over for a while...thank god ...i made it again....[ATTACH=full]4680[/ATTACH]








Nice white socks cnc.......real lady killers

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yeh not so white in real life...she says its daz but it bloo min dont work...hey ....me got quite a few ladies today..two cuppas off one...and a fiver extra off another....i still got it....even if i dont use it now a days...:D


and there was this real beauty in a long summer dress...that kinda does it for me...and she was sat on her settee on the patio door as i came down the ladder....but i would not alter my pattern of work just to see her ...as i do the third storey first and then have to drop the ladder to do her particular window....and when i finally got there...she had moved...sat directly opposite...in a very...compromising position....well she got a very good clean window.....not that i leave a dirty window..but ...i was very careful doing that one....george would be proud....

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ahh me big ladder only comes out once a blue moon ...er dont know ...i will look and get back....my normal ladder is....i dont know i will get back...i getting too old...


my biggie is 4.5metres closed 8.4 open...and my regular isnt suprisingly that much smaller ..couple of rungs but not as sturdy....and in the main only used doubled up...er...and i got wet finding that out ..and ..the nights are drawing in...

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