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Using ubik 2000?


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Hi everyone, I've got some Clover UBIK 2000 cleaner on order, never used it before, usually use Cif, had a con roof to do which was in a right old state and the cif just wouldn't shift all the dirt.


How's best to use it and apply it, any do's or don'ts with it? What ratio to use when using it for con roofs, guttering, facias etc? I've got one of those pump sprayers to apply it but was also wondering whether it's safe to add directly to the pure water?

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Reason why I asked is some manly old plastic roofs and discoloured frames will not come clean no matter what you use on them. Plastic roof panels will also discolour from within the cells so there is now way of cleaning them.


Try using ubik 10-1 to start with and see how that goes but be careful if you use too stronger mix as can turn white plastic a yellowish colour. I've found lichen is the worst to get off them and one I did ended up all spotty where I removed the lichen but there was a permanent stain underneath them.


You can only do what you can so be honest with the customer especially when it's years old and never been cleaned before.


Hope this helps?

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Smurfs the main man on this subject. Although itll be the same outcome but i use TFR 400:1 Ratio from mistral and its just brilliant for shifting the dirt and leaving a nice shiny finish.

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Here is a example pic of just using hot pure water and ubik where needed on plastics.

Sorry about the pic being on it's side as I'm using a poxy iphone now




The casting grainy bits you see are not dirt but just the lens on the camera honest guv :D

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Haha cheapncheerful, Thanks for the welcome. Thanks Smurf yes was a plastic roof, I had two to do today, access was tricky. I tried UBIK 2000 out in a pump sprayer with a dilution rate of 10-1 and must say I was impressed with it made it a lot easier, getting all the grime off. Customers were really pleased with it and so was I. They always take longer to do than you anticipate, especially as I'm a bit of a perfectionist, like it just right. I still don't think I'm charging enough for the time and effort involved.


Very nice Smurf great job. What's the ladder you're using there, with all the safety add ons, I could do with a setup like that, looks great.

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