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Days like these 2

Dave B

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Got up this morning and thought bugger this

Now in a tent in yarmouth (hemsby)

Wife out down the seafront with mates wife who has a caravan local.

On 4th can of scrumpy and got bbq lit ready for some grub..anyone else got plans to unwind at the weekend?

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My missus never minded camping in fine weather but when it's pissing down especially at night then she gets the hump.

What from you teehee, my wife got put off camping years ago when we went to Campbelltown and a storm raged and flooded our tent it wasn't a good experience at all.

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They don't make tents like they used to, I remember going on holiday with my parents in a massive tent with metal poles and canvas it was awesome, would have stood up to anything.

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Back to work Tuesdayclear.png

Don't know what they're like for delivery but waiting for ladders ankalad and standoff from ladderstore now..hopefully soon

Said 10 days but so did business cards that took 3

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camping sounds gd few cans of beer quick pee back of tent brings back memories

have fun enjoy your weekend

grafting tomorrow then edinburgh sunday for fringe always gd

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ditto what smurfy said...me being as boring as can be...and not moving...well got to go and see me mum and dad as she is in hospital later this week....i never drink beer as you know....hic..

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Hope you are sticking it out daveyboy and knocking back those scrumpys back.


I put a full shift in yesterday but rewarded myself with ale and wine last night. The lady wife came downstairs last night about 4 and found me fast asleep on the sofa. I blame the apple wine....I made it way too strong. Had a head like a shed all day!. My first pint of the day is just helping to clear it.


Its good to do impromptu things like buggering off to the seaside for a weekend. Make the most of life!

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On way home now...was gonna do tomorrow also but thought I better do some windows

Back to driving job and windows tuesdayclear.png


Still I reckon 4 weeks tops until I jack driving in

Light at the end of the tunnel then daveyboy.......how many custies you got now?

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Around 110 ish

Would be more if I had jacked in my job earlier and spent my time door knocking

Trying to keep wife happy as she worries too much and thinks it is better to build up enough to cover my wages I get at the moment then leave


common sense on her part but I could walk now easily

I want around 300 eventually to get a decent wage but that will be a while

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