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well i suppose it comes under this thread...but it serves as a warning to us all..


er i just a little bit guilty...


i got a text off a becky...can you clean our windows and please remove the birds nest at the front as its caused a mess ...


well i didnt use my noggin...sorry....well it is august...


so i was rushing and wanted to be home and so i just thought to keep becky happy and quiet remove the nest and the mess on the window and go home before i get trafficked...

so i ran up and down and back to my car as i couldnt reach the nest and brought back my new brush and broke the nest (house martin) with the pole and i could just reach inside...so for some reason i did...and ..er..i landed on baby chicks...er...sorry..i didnt know ...i mean it is august ..i just thought it was a dead nest...not so happy with becky....any way ...i did a runner and the mum and dad kept flying back so i dont know if they will be saved....but..sorry...in future...i will ask...is it a dead nest...i really am sorry ..on the day robin williams dies too...god what a bummer...:gush:sorry mr and mrs house martins...er i sh it myself too flying into that nest at the speed you do...

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now are you pullin my leg or have i a search to do...i know they are vicious little bar stewards at times...but they do so much work to make that nest...i will go and search....i want to know if they repaired my damage or what..tell you tomorrow....


i think your fibbing again...


very funny ...sends me back here ...oh your a rum un smurf...

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Up here you can get charged for removing nests in the nesting season, you have to wait until I guess they move on, and even at that I would seek advice before attempting to touch a nest.

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i am with you on that seye....i love em....but bloody becky....i hope they are alright...i thought spring is nesting time but then again...magnolia seems to be flowering again...i not the only one mixed up....i love the house martins they made good music....ohhh driftin off topic again...

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Legal status

House martins and their nests are fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which makes it an offence intentionally to kill, injure or take any wild bird. It is an offence to intentionally take, damage or destroy the eggs, young or nest of a house martin whilst it is being build or in use.


The Act allows for fines up to £5,000 and/or a 6 month prison sentence for every bird, egg or nest destroyed.

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er it wasnt me it was er...the thunder...er honest ...bloody becky wait til i see her...ta smurfy...ya can take the wig of now your honour ...


mind you ....six months inside..playstation..three meals a day..council tax paid...national insurance paid no bills...er...where the fecks me broom gone...

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Was at a big new house today, took 3 hours to do, house martin nests everywhere, birds mess covering windows/ patio doors, couldnt believe the amount of muck on the decking, scrubbing like a crazy man, wanted to take a photo, but never know if there is a secret camera about:hey: Bonny little birdies, its good there is laws that protect the vulnerable little things. Poor you cnc, you have confessed your sin:gush: and you did not intend to do harm to the little birdies, and its good smurf knows his stuff to pass on:thumbsup:

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and the good news is...they were still tweeting away today...and mummy and daddy were still busy ...so alls well that ends well ...another lesson learnt.....they are on top of the alarm box but i didnt want to disturb them again...:D

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