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First clean after builders leave

Evolution Pro Clean

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Hi guys, couple of questions, I am in the middle of a job on a huge house, 38 windows over three floors, sliding sash pvc, two of the windows are in the gables, and 6 of them are frosted glass, first time clean since house was built over two years ago, started doing them with wfp and did a quick run up to check one 2nd floor window and it was really bad with hard water stains, check of all the rest upstairs and the are the same, got out the cillit bang and started to scrub, have spent 3.5 hrs on them and prob only half way there, and so the questions..... is cillit bang the best way to remove the stains and should it take so much scrubbing!!?? And what should I charge for the job???

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i have seen it somewhere but why...why cant all glass on builders cleans be covered with film until the very last minute...


and i could swing for glass manufacturers with their blo ody stickers...:eek:

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Looks like I'll have ta suck it up then..... think I've learnt a hard lesson, least ill get a customer out of it, couldn't have really said no cos I have just done his father's bungalow with algoclear and made a real good days pay out of it...

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yep duncs...i worked on new builds for a while and it did my head in....never again..mind you ...at least they didnt know about the two roof tiles i broke:eek::eek::eek:well not so much my fault as they should have been bedded on cement..


sorry Evolution Pro Clean but these things happen....too many times in my case....the trouble with me is i forget the pain sometimes...even first cleans are dodgy....still fell for cleaning them for the normal price the other day...

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i have seen it somewhere but why...why cant all glass on builders cleans be covered with film until the very last minute...


and i could swing for glass manufacturers with their blo ody stickers...:eek:


I did a builders clean in the Spring and the windows were covered with plastic sheeting. I negotiated an hourly rate before the sheeting came off, good job as the glass was covered in lime etc from the building work. I did 4 hours on it and the glass still looked :turd:. I used cillit bang, elbow grease etc etc. The glass is ruined in my eyes, but it's still a regular job so far :thumbsup:

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i remember that one tuffers...it is one of those things we have to accept sometimes where glass is damaged..i have so so many blown double glazing on my patch...


er...i feel a bit guilty ...of course i did a runner again today.....well....it was a triple storey house .


she phoned me up to say we think its too dangerous to do the top floor so you can leave that..i had only done the job once before so i was puzzled as to why she said this...and yes...it was a bit too high for my liking...but ...i couldnt be ar sed to bring my even bigger ladders out ...so i told her i would use my wfp....and she seemed happy at that...


it was a fully extended banana held in my hands whilst stood on an outside chair..yeh bit high...


the reason she had said it was too dangerous was not because anyone had seen me perched on top of the ladder...it was because she had installed a large section of decking ....

so the next door book one neighbour asked me how much....and i said £15...he said it was identical...hers is only a tenner...not my pricing ...it was terry her old window cleaner...so i said i hadnt time today as i was booked up ..true...and its a friday....so ...er...well..its friday....


i said i would drop him a card through when i had finished...


i immediately noticed two extra windows....so not the same...and then i noticed the for sale sign ...that was it ..i was off..i am not being used just because he is selling...and anyway...to do his i would have to bring out the bigger ladders and i want £20 at least to lift them on me car...yeh i dont fancy stretching to reach with banana either...


there are only three of this height in there so not really worth the effort...and anyway...apparently terry the old windy came back..hes welcome...:D


nighty night sleep tight...a nice long weekend...its gotta be good..:cool:

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Cillit Bang is nothing more than clever marketing! Whether it's a cillit bang bathroom cleaner or a cillit bang stain remover it's exactly the same fragrant water that's in the bottle! You need to use a paste like ettore to remove these water stains and price very highly for builders cleans! Builders cleans will always catch you out, they always take longer than you think they will! Charge double for the length of time you think it will take you and add another 50 quid on top for good measure!

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Yeah thanks for the advice guys, spent another 4 hrs on it sat mornin, cillit bang is bloody slow for sure so if I do another one i'll definitely try some of the proper cleaners, and give a price before starting it!! Harsh lesson but definitely gives me the heads up on how much work is involved if one comes up again, thanks

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