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Rules of gaining new customers


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Hello everyone.


Just joined on here and looking for some advice form you pro's.


I am about to kick off a window cleaning role to mainly fill up two days a week each week as the other will be for Gardening work I will be doing. So I need to find customers. I have my list of advettising/Promotional ideas but I want to ask whats the best way for me to act.


I personally think competition is fair and there will always be new window cleaners strting out and taking some of my work in time, thats fine with me, but I no other people wont like it. So I for two reasons want to play fair and also not start any trouble as I respect everyone else.


I will be mainly posting leaflets and online and the usual local places etc. I am just going to put a price down I feel for works and go with it, I dont want to go to low to gain work, so am I ok to proceed, how would act or have you acted if you get some hassle from other window cleaners.

I do not no where window cleaners work so I will be flyering houses they work on so its unavoidable.


Hope there is some advice from you guys that I cna take on board, just to ensure I am looked on as fair and not a rat as so to speak.


Thank you in advance to anyone whom takes time to reply, cheers.

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This is how I do things:


If someone asks for a price, I quote based on what I believe is a fair price.


If someone already has a window cleaner yet asks me for a price, I give them a slightly higher price. I don't want the sort of customer that window shops(pun?) for a cheaper cleaner. But if they still go for it, then their cleaner must have p'ed them off somehow- either way, they are on probation for a little while.


I price as I mean to go on. In other words, if there is a street of £10 houses, then I don't quote £7 just to get my foot in the door. That way, you don't get 2 neighbours discussing the price only for one to find out they are being charged more for essentially the same house.


If someone says "that's too expensive", stick to your guns, you are better off walking away then working cheap. Don't aim to get every job you quote- if you do, you are working too cheap.


Respect the trade. If everyone tries to compete on price, then the overall prices will only ever fall.

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Flyers aren't as good as spending half to an hour a day knocking in doors in the evening

I usually just choose 1 or 2 roads unless a lot of small cul-de-sacs and walk round

Even a couple of yesses a day soon adds up

I got 200 quid of work in 1 week for about an hour a day

But you have to be prepared for the door slammers and rude ignorant feckers

But at least you haven't wasted a flyer and know not to try them again

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Guest boarcity

as said by Davey ,its best to start with doorknocking . it gives you a bit of backbone and you will learn how to deal with joe public ,and their dogs , on their own turf

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Just be prepared for the off days when you seem to be getting no customers and wasting your time..swings and roundabouts..don't let it get you down as you will have really good days canvassing also

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