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New window cleaner - what do i need to be a legal business


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Please could someone on here spare a moment to advise me on what I need to gain in order to practice my window cleaning business. I will be cleaning windows, frames, fascia and gutterings only. I just would like to no what I need to legally do. I have listed below what I am going to need but is there anything else, I have been told thats it really and that I have 3 months to inform the HMRC. But I wanted to check with people on here whom actually will know what I need to be legit. Do I need a waste licence? as I can not think of much if any waste I will have really.


I will inform HMRC

I am getting public liability insurance and have a quote for gardening and window cleaning


This is all I can think of, get this and away I go on the hint for customers (the scarey part) I have been told by all friends I am wasting my time, but already reading this site its more postive and supportive.


Thank you in advance and nice to meet you.


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You got it pretty much covered mate but make sure you have business insurance on your motor (dont know if you are trad or wfp) but you need it on your car if working from it

a mate of mine got done by the plod working using his car with just standard insurance

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Hi daveyboy1,


Thanks for the advice, Oh right its business insurance is it, so not just for work and domestic? does it make a huge difference, i am scared now lol - I take it you have to call the insurance and upgrade it to business or can it be done online?


Thanks again.

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Never heard of work and domestic

I just got tescos to quote me years ago and still no one has beaten it

Covered for me for work and wife named driver with business cover for her also for less than 300 quid

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Hi again,


Cheers for the advice, i went online and got some new quotes form money supermarket and Iselected the option for

"What do you use the car for?" I put business use by the policy holder. I take it that is correct as usually i put just social and domestic. The quotes are similar to what I am paying with the insurance company I am with now. I think I will leave and join one of these new ones as I have business use as well as driving normally. Was suprised, thought it be alot more.


Thanks for the eheads up guys.



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emm, might need help here guys, got quote form churchill and i spoke to someone and they said they cna not cover me as I get paid per house seperate for each job and I will not be covered.


In short i have a focus and I want to be legal to use it for my work and travel to the houses i work at, coudl you advise what I need to ask for and where do you get it ? I knew this would be awkward, never simple is it lol.

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Hi boarcity, i have just been told by insurance that many winow cleaners and gardeners will actually not be covered and that people need to check paper work, i told them i get paid each visit as thats our line of business of course they say can not cover that? All I asked for was business use, thats what I select, please tel me I am correct lol, there are no other option, this is getting me down now. I can not fill there forms out any other way. cheers.

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Try tesco

I bought a van once and to get cheap insurance (they don't like people insuring vans for normal leisure use) and told them I want business insurance as am a windie and no problem

Then when I changed to a car I just transferred insurance to it

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Daveyboy1 - I know i was shocked, i selected business use as my cover that covers me and my socail use. I dont get it, I am unsure what I need to do now, maybe they were just odd.


I have other quotes and listed as business use, what else can i do, they say purchase online, does nto mention anything about how i am paid, might just go for one of them, its listed as business use what more can i do.


Maybe somthing is against me lol. Your right before I can not use standard insurance, so need to sort this motor out. I really do not know what to put now on the forms, I done it to the tee and they gave me quotes for business use, do i really have to start rining them to ask is the cover correct.lol

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Thing is I spoke to some muppet there and i said I am a gardener and window cleaner he was clear they will not insure me as I am paid per job and if my forms are not accurate they will not pay out if I have a claim, so need to be correct. What makes me laugh is it says business use but not for gardeners cleaners, windys, decorators etc then???? Just do not get it or feel safe doign it online, but as you say If i just buy elsewhere and it says business use, then I am covered. Right old mess I cna see this, how is everyone else getting it fine lol - only me, someones trying to put me off.


Much respect for the ongoing help guys! awesome

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You will be self employed. You are a sole trader running a cleaning company who needs a vehicle insured for use to carry out business activities.

How you get paid is none of their business. You can be paid on the doorstep or by account. It could be £5 or £500. Try A-Plan. They insure cars, vans etc for the purpose you require.

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just done tesco Daveyboy1 and got £800 quote with class 1 cover online, thing is i have a claim under way since last year, its not my fault but it wa a huge pile up and as its in dispute i can not say i have 3 years no claims, so frustrating, i dont no if there anyhting i can do and this goes against me i am sure that be lower, i got out my car before it was hit as I knew a pile up was going to happen and i had no option to drive as traffic stopped in fornt of me, its shit rules but nout I can do until its over. so gutted. I will go back quotes i got cheaper before and see if i covered for business use as they were like £500 I just feel I might get same response as churchill, but who knows.


It may have to be tesco at worst, but least I no i got quote, i would have been happy with £55 quid as i pay £44 now for socail domestic. oh well stung again by my unfortuate incident last year, still i escaped death that day by seconds my car ended up under another car and my boot was no longer.

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