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Thank god for wfp


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Mind you if the EU have their way they will bring in a window tax so everyone will be bricking up their windows and live in the dark. Also by then most won't be able to afford to put any lights on or keep warm the way things are going.

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I have a job with old diamond leaded glass. It has to be cleaned with cloth/scrim and I dislike it, apart from I quoted £25 for it and the owner said he felt it was worth much more to get it done carefully and to a high standard. He offered to pay £40. So I'm kind of stuck with it. It takes about an hour.


I think the thought of going there and doing it is much worse than actually cleaning the place. (They make tea and there is always cake;))

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i couldnt be bothered to drag me wfp trolley out yesterday and explain my new method but i didnt half find it hard work doing the job trad....wfp out today...hurray....


still...i shall remain doing both as i think they use different muscles and i dont want to lose my ability to trad...


but...my worst jobs...the georgian pair i used to hate....will now always be wfp...i couldnt go back...under lyme trees spiders no way....

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hmmmm....you still have to keep a good eye on it..


did a job today...mothers mainly leadeds...she very fussy...but not in...so wfp the lot and walked to the daughters where i cleaned and got paid and then walked back to the mothers ...now dry ..and as i had me ladder i always check...but i didnt need my ladder to see the grey streaks all over...

i dont know what went wrong as i used wfp last time and checked and it was all okay...

checked my trolley tds ....000


on one of the back stairs windows as i re did them i noticed a horrible scratch l shaped and really deep and defo wasnt there last time...so i was really panicking that maybe i had done it with the brush head...


but what i couldnt understand is how as all the other windows checked out no scratches..


i went back and looked again and noticed another quite heavy scratch on the other side of the pane...

i measured the gap and it was the same as my ladders some idiot had plainly put a ladder on the glass:eek::eek::eek:


i cant say anything in case she thinks it was me but....detective me thinks has she had the fascia painted....i would never put my ladder on glass obviously but in this case my fully closed doubled up ladder nicely fits under the cill...


up till then everything was looking good ...i had only expected to spend seconds checking clean windows...but the grey streaks made me do them all again...i am wondering if some divvy decortators have wiped something all over the glass...i didnt really look when i wfp ed them...


the funny thing is....its not that long since i last did them and i wondered why she was phoning this early...


i wonder ...anyway...it hasnt put me off...i had previously done and checked a house and everything went great...


try the dark side....you may just like it...


nighty night tuffers...:zzz::zzz::zzz:

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