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Fill time.


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I've started filtering water into my tank (350l) for the first time. It's taken 7 1/2 hours and it's only half full. My water pressure is reading as about 25 psi, is this normal?

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You will really have to tell us what r/o you are using.


You would also need to tell us what your waste to pure ratio is and also what your tap tds is.


Initially I would say that 25 psi tap pressure isn't helping as that is rather low. But low water pressure doesn't always mean a dribble of water coming from the tap. Water pressure and water flow aren't the same thing, although they are related.


If you are also experiencing a low flow and low pressure, then you will have to look for the cause.


But if you have a reasonable water flow despite the low water pressure, then fitting a booster pump will help.


But if you have bought a cheap 50GPD r/o for example, then putting a booster pump onto it will make very little difference as a tiny r/o isn't any good enough for full time wfp window cleaning.

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I bought a 600gpd streamline from the cleaning warehouse.


How do I adjust the waste/water ratio?

My TDS was 66 going in and 000 coming out and the flow of waste was a lot faster than the water going in to the tank.


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I hope someone will be along who knows these r/o's as I have no experience with them.


But this system should fill your tank much quicker than it has so far so you will benefit with fitting a booster pump.


On most systems the pure to waste ratio will be between 3 to 1 down to 1 to 1.


On our old RoMan 450 GPD r/o we had a waste to pure ratio of 3 to 1 and this was achieved by a non adjustable inline restrictor fitting on the waste line. Some use the same tap as is used to flush the r/o. When the tap is fully open the water washes over the membrane flushing it to waste. Once the tap is partially closed (not completely closed) then water pressure builds up inside the housing forcing some water through the membrane and thus filtered. The waste water still flushes over the membrane to stop it clogging up with deposits.


So start at the waste pipe and work back to see what Streamline use to restrict the water to waste.


It might be an idea to get a couple of containers, 1 to catch the waste and the other to catch the pure. If you let them both fill up together for the same length of time you will get an idea of your ratios.

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Hi there, I have just purchased the same streamline 600gpd system as you and I have the same 25-30psi mains pressure. I'm predictably seeing the same results as you, how did you solve your low production rate? Was it a booster pump? If so which one did you get?



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OK! The results are in!


Took devivery of my Draper 64988 booster pump today and did some testing with the Streamline 600 GPD


I set the pump to kick in when pressure dropped to 50 psi and max out at 80 psi.

I really like the way once the pressure reaches 80 psi the pump will turn off for about 3-4mins before pressure drops to 50psi then only takes about 30secs to get it back up to 80psi. So the pump isn't trying very hard as all so should have a long life.



Starting TDS 234ppm

Took 2min 37sec to make 1 litre of pure with a TDS of 13ppm

Or 17.4 hours to make 400 litres of pure



Starting TDS 234ppm

Took 1min 7sec to make 1 litre of pure with a TDS of 7ppm

Or 7.4 hours to make 400 litres of pure


I'm pretty pleased with the results, problem solved. :)

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