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Help me jimmyboots (or somebody else clever lol)... i've killed my homemade trolley :(


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So yesterday it had it's first proper days work and it was awesome :) This morning I put it on charge for a few hours and I've just switched on and nothing happened. It hadn't out yesterday.


Now i have a sneaky feeling my little boy may have switched it on last night the shed, so it may have been running all night and therefore battery drained, but surely a few hours charge this morning would have least given it enough juice start up?


What if I wired my charger socket and plug the wrong way round? There were no instructions so I did what I thought seemed logical.... could I have shorted the battery and killed it?


I don't know what to try other than charging it for longer and seeing what happens :/

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It's charging through a socket rather than croc clips to each terminal as the battery is concealed in the waterproof box so it's a plug in and switch on job, not a connect one then the other job :)


Fuse is a good point.... in my panic I didn't think of that lol. If the fuse is gone, is that a pretty strong indicator that I've wired the charger wrong?

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Fuse looks fine. I've checked all the connectors, taken then apart and back together again, all looks fine. Reading on the volt meter of the battery is 13.47 which is fine isn't it?


So why isn't it working :(

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I've tried a new fuse just in case but no difference. My toddler is helping and I'm going to throttle him soon lol so going to leave it now til he's in bed :)


There's a fuse on the pwm but that looks fine too, and I've bypassed the pwm and it still didn't work so I don't think that's causing the problem.


Running out of ideas :/

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I'm going to bypass everything one the wee man is asleep... literally connect battery to pump, no switch, fuse pwm, anything, then gradually add then back in. Presuming it works when wired directly of course!

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Guest SolarPanelCleaning

Check all connections, you'd be surprised how things can work loose. Check for moisture also. As smurf says, wire directly from battery to pump to establish what's at fault.

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Do I need to do proper connections to test the pump directly from the battery? I've tried it just touching the wires from the pump directly onto the corresponding terminals of the battery and nothing happened? :(

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It's pretty much brand new... until yesterday it had only been used to test it worked when I built the system. It worked great yesterday.


It's a cheapie one.... the one Jimmyboots linked to in his homemade back pack tutorial. Apart from adding the pwm to control the flow, my trolley is essentially Jimmyboots' backpack but mounted on a trolley.

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